The affordable inkjet workhorse for entry-level production and specialty applications

Proven Industry Workhorse

From simple addressing to complex imaging, Apollo does it all! Based on HP45A print technology, powerful Compose IQ software and system controls, and grounded in a robust design philosophy, the Apollo print system has delivered uncompromising customer experience and satisfaction and been a print industry workhorse for over 25 years.
Featuring solid construction, an easy operating environment, and complemented with an extensive ink set, the Apollo has delivered outstanding print quality and proven over and over again that it’s a true production printer ideal for a broad range of variable digital printing applications.

Apollo produces high quality images with resolutions from 110 to 660 x 600 dpi depending on your print application and with aqueous, solvent and specialty inks produces crisp images on a wide range of substrates with easy pen replacement. Individual printheads are available in both a 2″ or 4″ model and can easily be added, combined, and arrayed to yield up to 16” of total print coverage.

Apollo is a good fit for inline printing with envelope inserting, as an entry-level stand-alone addressing system, a multi-lane ticketing, coding and numbering printer on third party webs, or other applications where an economical, simple and versatile print solution that can quickly change inks to add variable print to differing materials is desired.

Affordable, upgradable, and easy to use

If you’re searching for a versatile inkjet system at a great price equipped with powerful software, easy operation, and an extensive ink set to meet today’s varied print demands and requirements, look no further than the Apollo. Ideal as an entry-level system, the Apollo is both easy to use with its intuitive Compose IQ software and simple pen replacement, yet capable of handling the most demanding jobs. Whether you want to produce complex high-resolution images (660 X 600 DPI) with great print quality or require flat-out speed for simple messaging or marking applications (110 X 660 DPI), let Compose IQ change the print resolution and set the parameters to meet the job requirements. And for those occasions when a suitable or specialty ink is required, simply and quickly change-over the ink.
Configure your Apollo print system to meet your current printing needs by combining a series of 2” or 4” printhead models and should your requirements change in future, easily and effortlessly add more print capacity. Apollo can even be combined with other BUSKRO print technology such as Atom, Aurora, and Quantum to cost-effectively augment print capacity or add specialty inks when needed.

Wide selection of inks have expanded print applications

Over the years, with the introduction of many complementary and novel ink formulations tailored for use with HP45A pen technology, Apollo has found new application spaces. Whether you are faced with a challenging glossy substrate requiring a rapid-drying ink, wish to liven up your monochrome black print with color, or apply security features with fluorescent or invisible inks, an HP45A compatible ink surely exists.
To support and reliably handle the abundance of new and emerging HP45A inks, Compose IQ incorporates new hardware and software capabilities designed to adjust and configure pen settings for print performance optimization of a particular ink. The Apollo offers excellent up-time and makes ink selection and change-over a breeze with an HP45A ink pen design that combines both a simple replacement procedure with onboard ink containment.


  • Entry-level, affordable technology with effortless upgrade path
  • Minimal maintenance, easy-to-use
  • Printheads available in 2″ (50.8 mm) or 4” (101.6 mm) model 
  • Configure print arrays up to 16” (406.4mm) @ 600 DPI vertical coverage
  • Speeds up to 680 fpm (3.5 m/s) @ 110 DPI
  • 110 to 660 DPI horizontal 
  • Convenient and simple ink selection and change-over with HP45A pen
  • Wide selection of inks: Aqueous, Solvent, Specialty
  • Configurable settings for inks: MICR, spot color, white UV-curable, invisible, fluorescent
  • Operate in combination with Aurora, Altas, Atom, and Quantum when added capacity, or specialty inks are required
  • Multi- language printing and GUI support