Atlas Info

The Production Performer

Cost-Effective Productivity

Produce high-speed, high-quality variable print images combining text, barcodes, graphics, PDF images and files, and more on sheet or web applications.

Available with a variety of inks in either solvent or aqueous formulation, the Atlas can adopt an ink best suited for your most common jobs. Choose Monet, a mild solvent ink for consistent reliable production on most substrates; Cezanne, a quick-drying formulation for adhesion to challenging glossy materials; or Legar, a low-cost ink for porous materials where a dark pigmented ink delivers the best results. 

From simple addressing to full page or multi-lane variable data printing, Atlas systems can be configured with a single 1025/2500 series printhead or fully arrayed with up to 4 X 5100 series printheads to provide vertical coverage up to 20.5” (520mm). Start by building a print system that meets your current printing and budgetary needs, and when your future work evolves, add more Atlas printheads or even other Buskro print technologies to complement your system. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective print system that more often than not requires the use of multiple printheads applying print in multiple locations, capable of high-volumes of work at high-speeds, then Atlas is the solution for you.

Controllers – the Intelligence Behind the Print

Equipped with a PC module, Windows operating system, and Compose IQ personalization software that directs and controls all aspects of the printing operation, the BK1710 controller also includes Buskro’s Trueflow ink management system to make print possible. The Trueflow system tasked with pumping, treating, and monitoring all ink activities features a central ink supply hub with convenient snap-in bottles for on-the-fly ink replenishment when ink is needed.

Compose IQ, developed in the early 1990’s and now in its 11th version, is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest personalization features the industry demands for both variable image printing and those more advanced applications where product tracking, inspection, and accurate completion are a must. Whether you are starting with a single-printhead configuration or building a complex system that includes multiple printheads printing in multiple locations, Compose IQ handles it all. Buskro controllers are flexible enough to look after your current variable printing needs all the while protecting your investment in future by offering an easy upgrade path when you want to add more print capacity, add advanced functionality, or when PC specifications change or become obsolete.

Simple to Complex Applications

For more complex applications where product tracking, monitoring, inspection and print integrity is required, Compose IQ can be configured or upgraded to include these advanced functions.

Atlas applications are typically found in high-speed, high volume environments where relatively economical equipment and consumable costs result in significantly lower operating costs. Similar to the Apollo but where speed and ink costs are crucial, the Atlas is suited for inline printing with high-speed envelope inserting, as a high-volume stand-alone addressing system, and as a robust printer for ticketing, coding, and numbering on high-speed webs.