The Production Performer


  • Printheads available in three models: 1025 – 1” (25mm), 2500 – 2.55” (65mm) and 5100 – 5.10″ (130mm)
  • Configure print arrays up to 20.5” (520mm) @ 300 DPI or 400 DPI vertical coverage
  • Controller supports up to 8 printheads
  • Speeds up to 990 fpm (5.1 m/s) @ 110 DPI
  • Compatible with aqueous inks (Forain, Legar) for porous materials and solvent inks (Monet, Cezanne) for porous and glossy stocks
  • 110 to 660 DPI horizontal
  • Reliable high-speed printing > 40,000 pieces per hour
  • Trueflow active ink management: ink bladder c/w 4-channels, pumping, filtering, degassing, and low ink detection
  • Ink available in 1000 ml collapsible bottle with snap in bottle refill
  • Simultaneous combo printing with other Buskro print technologies

Cost-effective Productivity

A true production system that lets you enjoy low operating costs and high production speeds.  Count on this reliable performer to process high volumes of work faster at the lowest cost of ownership.

Controllers – The Intelligence Behind the Print

At the heart of all Atlas and Aurora print systems, supplying the intelligence and horsepower to deliver variable data print at high-speeds and in the right location, resides a BK1710 controller equipped with Compose IQ software directing all aspects of the printing operation and an ink management system that makes print possible.

Simple to Complex Applications

The Atlas Printhead technology can either be mounted onto one of Buskro’s transport bases as an integrated stand-alone system, or onto third party equipment to add high-speed variable print functionality.

For more complex applications such as duplex printing, read/print, and generally where product tracking, inspection and print integrity is required, Compose IQ can be configured or upgraded to include these advanced functions.

Atlas Applications

Atlas applications are typically found in high-speed, high volume environments where relatively economical equipment and consumable costs result in significantly lower operating costs. Similar to the Apollo but where speed and ink costs are crucial, the Atlas is suited for inline printing with high-speed envelope inserting and as a high-volume stand-alone addressing system. Typical sheet-fed and web printing applications often use an array of individual printheads placed in a manner to cover the entire vertical range for multi-lanes of labels, tickets, barcodes, and multiple image positions.