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“The Print on Anything Inkjet”

Versatility to print on virtually any substrate

Achieve crisp, dark images at resolutions up to 660 X 400 DPI without the use of volatile and harmful chemicals found in other inks and with a LED curing lamp, “dry” the ink instantaneously on even the most challenging of substrates to deliver a production output you can rely on day-in day-out.

Available in two UV ink formulations, the Aurora can be paired with an ink best suited for your printing needs.  Choose Renoir, a true and tried UV ink that has demonstrated its abilities on most common substrates for over 20 years, and if you require a formulation with enhanced flow characteristics for better ink spread and fill for plastics and other materials that tend to restrict ink flow, then Picart is the ink of choice. 

From simple addressing systems, duplex printing on plastic cards and packages, to large multi-lane, multi-positional printing applications, Aurora inkjet systems can be configured with a single 1025/2500 series printhead or fully arrayed with up to 4 X 5100 series printheads to provide vertical coverage up to 20.5” (520mm) on practically any substrates.  You can start with a basic single-printhead inkjet system, and when your needs expand or change, add more Aurora printheads or even other Buskro print technologies including MAG and RFID encoding to expand your system’s functionality and capabilities.

If you are looking for a robust inkjet system that lets you apply variable images more or less on any substrates, even plastic and metals, combines the versatility to mount printheads in multiple locations, and produces crisp sharp images at a predictable rate of speed, then Aurora is the solution for you.

Controllers – the Intelligence Behind the Print

Equipped with a PC module, Windows operating system, and Compose IQ personalization software that directs and controls all aspects of the printing operation, the BK1710 controller also includes the Trueflow ink management system to make print possible. Buskro’s Trueflow system tasked with pumping, treating, and monitoring all ink activities features a central ink supply hub with convenient snap-in bottles for on-the-fly ink replenishment when ink is needed.

Compose IQ, developed in the early 1990’s and now in its 11th version, is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest print features the industry demands. Whether you are starting with a single-printhead configuration or building a complex system that includes multiple printheads printing in multiple locations, Compose IQ handles it all. Buskro controllers are flexible enough to look after your variable printing needs of today while retaining the ability to easily upgrade when you want to add more print capacity or wish to track and inspect printed images to guarantee a print match no matter where the personalization is applied.

LED curing to finish your product

Complete your Aurora print system with a Buskro LED curing lamp solution. Available in both a 75mm or 150mm model to pair with either a 1025/2500, or 5100 series Aurora printhead respectively, Buskro LED curing lamps include a number of features to ensure a pleasant operating environment, satisfy safety concerns, and address the typical and unique curing needs of a particular substrate. For more information about Buskro’s LED curing lamps, click here.


Complete your Aurora print system as a stand-alone Buskro printing platform with an LED curing lamp, transport system, feeder and conveyor or integrate the printhead with third-party transport equipment including attachers, production lines, sheet-fed and web presses. For those complex printing applications where product tracking, synchronized print, and camera print inspection are essential, configure Compose IQ to include these advanced functions.

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