“The Print on Anything Inkjet”


  • Printheads available in three models: 1025 – 1” (25mm), 2500 – 2.55” (65mm) and 5100 – 5.10″ (130mm)
  • Configure print arrays up to 20.4” (520mm) @ 300 DPI or 400 DPI vertical coverage
  • Controller supports up to 8 printheads
  • Speeds up to 990 fpm (5.1 m/s) @ 110 DPI
  • 110 to 660 horizontal DPI 
  • Choice of UV-curable (Renoir, Picart) for challenging, glossy substrates with larger drop size for excellent fill
  • Reliable high-speed printing > 40,000 pieces per hour
  • Trueflow active ink management: ink bottle c/w 4-channels, pumping, filtering, degassing, and low ink detection
  • Ink available in 1000 ml collapsible bottle with snap in bottle refill
  • Combine with other Buskro print technologies on the same operating platform
  • Compatible 75mm and 150mm Buskro LED curing lamps available

Versatility to print on virtually any substrate

Aurora inkjet systems, employing UV curable inks in combination with an LED curing lamp, are perfect for imaging onto the widest variety of substrates including glossy paper, CR80 plastic cards, poly-wrap and even metal, all at high speeds.

Controllers – the Intelligence Behind the Print

At the heart of all Aurora print systems, a BK1710 controller is responsible for supplying the intelligence and support elements that deliver variable data print at high-speeds and in the right location.

LED curing to finish your product 

As with any print system that operates with UV curable inks, Aurora requires a curing lamp that emits the appropriate amount of light dosage at the right wavelength to “dry” the resulting print.

Aurora Applications

UV inks are the overwhelming choice to deliver dependable consistent print results on difficult substrates where solvent or water based inks experience ink adherence issues. When you want a guaranteed print result on practically any substrate, choose Aurora and get a dependable proven UV inkjet performer that has demonstrated its mettle on many applications over many years.