Ensure reliable performance and eliminate the need for daily manual cleanings.

Buskro’s fully integrated Automated Printhead Maintenance Station marks another first from the company that pioneered DOD inkjet print systems for the mailing and printing industries.

Buskro’s revolutionary, fully Automated Maintenance Station is the first of its kind in the production inkjet marketplace. This groundbreaking product allows your operator to recover lost jets and perform routine maintenance easier than ever ensuring that your print system is always producing the best possible images with the least amount of waste and down time.

This unique solution eliminates the potential for guesswork and mess it also increases your ability to preserve optimal print performance. The Automated Printhead Maintenance Station effectively removes ink residue, dust, debris, and other build-ups, keeping your production inkjet printer operating at its best.

Maintenance cycles can be performed at predetermined regular intervals or induced by the operator as required with the simple push of a button. Buskro’s powerful Compose IQ software controls the entire system and will even pause and restart your feeder during the process for maximum efficiency, making this a truly integrated solution.

Effortless, consistent and repeatable maintenance cycles help to minimize consumables cost and eliminate dependency on maintenance personnel.

Increase productivity, maintain superior quality and lower ownership costs.