The Entry Level Controller

The BK705 is Buskro’s entry-level controller. This unit is capable of running various Buskro print technologies including Atlas, Aurora, and Apollo. Equipped with the powerful Compose IQ software package, the BK705 is able to handle most of your inkjet printing needs.

Some of the standard features are:

  • a variety of built in barcodes including IMB
  • the ability to select any true/open type font
  • rotatable print angles
  • built in job audit reporting
  • a host of graphic formats including .bmp, ,jpeg, .wmf, .tif, and .pdf.

Even advanced functions such as OCR read and print with real time, one-to-one product tracking can be easily added to the 705, either when first purchased, or as a field upgrade.

The portable design allows you to select any of Buskro’s transport bases, which can mount on your existing transport base or integrate with virtually any production line.


  • Affordable entry-level system 
  • Portable, expandable, upgradeable 
  • Supports up to 4 inches of print 
  • Standard PC, Windows, and Compose IQ inkjet control software 
  • Supports advanced applications; read & print, master/slave, and duplex printing 
  • Optional: capable of connecting to a variety of reading devices such as cameras, barcodes, scanners, etc.