BK731 Labeller Info

Versatile Fast Label Applicator

Proven, Precise Label Application

Operating at speeds up to 350 ft/min, the labeller is ideal for mounting on mailing and finishing lines and is an essential element in BUSKRO card and box personalization systems. Featuring rugged construction from top to bottom and an ability to handle and apply a wide range of labels of differing materials and backers including the sensing of clear, translucent and opaque labels, you will find that the BK731 labeler offers you the versatility and reliability to confidently take on and successfully produce any job.

The BK731 labeller is designed to apply a wide variety of pressure sensitive labels onto flat products such as mailers (notices, information labels), boxes (brand & security), plastic cards (security, information) and envelopes (postage stamps). With its wide label capabilities, labels as small ½” X ½” and as large as 5” X 7”can be accomodated and applied . You can even install a BUSKRO print system after the label peel point to add variable print content.

With fast and precise label placement at speeds in excess of 35,000 pcs/hour, not only is the unit extremely productive, it maintains tight positional tolerances while doing so.
Confidently take on jobs knowing that the BK731 labeller is able to apply most PS labels of varying shapes, sizes, and types from security & brand labels, scratch-offs, postage stamps, Post-It notes, and even translucent or clear materials.

Convenient Keypad Setups and Control

Whether you want to enter setup parameters, select the number of labels dispensed per piece, specify placement positions, or auto-calibrate and sense the label pitch with the touch of a button, the setup is both intuitive, straightforward, and eliminates guesswork.

Simple Label Threading

The BK731 Labeler features a mechanism designed with few mechanical parts for simple label threading and machine configuration, a rail mount system for rapid side-to-side label placement, and a peel-point assembly with integrated label sensor for auto-sensing and quick product thickness adjustment. Equipped with a keypad interface for convenient job parameter entries and motion control software that regulates and smoothly unspools labels, the BK731 Labeling head applies labels of all sizes and shapes from ½” X ½” up to 5” X 7” without missing a beat. Simply program the product length, label position, and auto-calibrate the label pitch and backer sensitivity to begin the labeling process. To maintain accurate, label placement throughout the job, the labeler includes a fast responsive label drive with speed compensation that constantly monitors production output and adjusts label placement when needed.

Labeller Applications

Able to handle many different label sizes, shapes, and materials, the BK731 labeller is well suited for high-speed labelling, inline stamp application, brand and security labels on boxes, Post-It notes on mailers, scratch-off on plastic cards, even complex multi-layer peel-off labels. Fully enclosed, housing all controls and mechanical elements and mounted on easy to install aluminum rails, the labeller is portable and can be moved around to mount on BUSKRO and third-party transports for both inline and offline applications.