Inline Transport Base

Buskros BK76IB is an affordable entry-level inline transport base that does not compromise flexibility or reliability. This product offers solid construction at a lower price point and a slightly smaller footprint than the BK7IB.

Designed with modularity in mind, the BK76IB is capable of integrating with a number of Buskro products including feeders, extension tables, ramp-up tables, conveyors, other inline bases, tabbers/labellers and is compatible with most print technologies providing a great deal of versatility.


  • Compatible with all of Buskro’s print technology
  • Electrical interlocks for upstream/downstream integration with 3rd party equipment
  • Equipped with 3×2” vacuum transport belts
  • Optional left or right product travel
  • Maximum product width of 18” (457mm) can be transported

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