BUSKRO is pleased to introduce a newly redesigned family of Apollo print heads.

Based on HP’s proven and reliable TIJ 2.5 platform, the new BK2600 (2” @ 600 DPI) and BK4600 (4” @ 600 DPI) Apollo heads feature a simplified head and bridge design along with a fully re-engineered HP Interface Board V2 (HPI). The new HPI board supports up to 4 TIJ 2.5 pens for a total vertical print coverage of 2” of print replacing two of the older-style HPIB boards capable of 2 pen-support each. It also incorporates adjustments for both the pulse width and voltage level making it more suitable for HP TIJ 2.5 solvent and other boutique inks that require tuning of such parameters to optimize print performance.

Although the HPI is fully backward compatible with older versions of Buskro’s powerful Compose IQ software, customers wanting to take advantage of the tuning features will require Compose V11.

This latest Apollo design, available in a 1” (BK1600), 2” (BK2600), or 4” (BK4600) print head configuration, features: i) simplified bridge and mount, ii) an integrated print head shield, iii) a pivoting mount for easy orifice face access & cleaning, and iv) heavy-duty precision mounting. As with all Buskro print heads, the new

Apollo head can be used in conjunction with any other Buskro print head, print technology or ink type. Buskro’s Apollo print heads fully integrate with our industry-leading Compose IQ software making it perfect for all applications from simple printing, marking and coding up to more complex applications where matched printing, product tracking and print verification are required.

1. Upgrade Offer

To provide our customers with an opportunity to take full advantage of the new features of the HPI II board and/or replace their existing HPI board(s), Buskro is offering the following: With the proof of purchase of one or more HPI board(s) (PN 9109380) to replace existing HPI board(s) by the Deadline, Buskro will extend a fifty percent (50%) discount on the purchase of a single version (UBK-CIQ-SV) or multi version (UBK-CIQ-MV) Compose V11 software upgrade as required for the associated Apollo inkjet system. Please contact Buskro at Sales@buskro.com or 905.421.3401 for additional information.

Terms and conditions

1. Offer Expires on December 31, 2018 @ 5 PM EST (the “Deadline”). Purchase proof includes a valid purchase order accompanied by the specified deposit;

2. All prices quoted are Ex Works (EXW) Pickering, ON, Canada. Applicable taxes, duties, shipping, insurance, and installation fees are not included;

3. Please complete an upgrade form so that Buskro can determine if a single version or multi-version Compose upgrade is required for the associated Apollo system being upgraded;

4. The customer must return to Buskro all of their existing old-style HPI board(s) which are intended to be replaced by the new HPI II board(s);

5. Discount is offered on the software license only, additional hardware may be required; please contact a Buskro sales or service representative for a full upgrade quotation.

2. Specifications




1. All Apollo inkjet packages include the following: (i) PCM Module c/w 4″ Apollo license + HP power supply, (ii) specified print head(s), (iii) print head bridge(s) (2 max .), (iv) standard Encoder (p/n BK-ENC-STAN ) (v) Phocotue Sensor, (vi) monitor, and (vii) keyboard (North America );

2. IEC power plug (100-220 VAC) c/w pigtail end to be configured for country power plug. BK705 stand or monitor/keyboard bracket are not included and would be extra;

3. Apollo Inkjet Package includes a standard encoder (p/n BK-ENC-STAN). If a wheel encoder is desired please order the wheel encoder bracket Assy (p/n BK-660WE) separately;

4. Apollo Inkjet Package includes bridges which are 22″ in length. For a 39″ bridge length, please contact Buskro sales to assist in preparing the quote;

5. All prices listed are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in US dollars, Ex works Pickering, ON, Canada. Applicable distributor discount for the Apollo Inkjet packages listed is 25%. Taxes, shipping charges, installation fees are extra. Any additional items can be purchased at the standard distributor discount applicable at that time (See #5 below );

6. Any additional Apollo elements including but not limited to ancillary devices, feeder, conveyor(s), dryer(s), curing lamp(s), software license(s), and communication board would be extra. Standard dealer discount and any applicable SID would apply to such additional purchases;

7. 1600 (1″ ) print head configuration consists of a 2600 Print head with electronics (Pen Driver Board(2) + HP Interface board ) removed. 1600 print head is field-upgradeable to a full 2600 (2″ ) by adding the aforesaid electronics;

8. To add a BK76IB Transport base to any of the listed stand-alone Apollo packages as shown in Table #2, add $9,200 MSRP (in USD). Applicable dealer discount = 25%. No additional SID applies; SID = 0%. BK76IB is not fully CE approved; requires emissions test;

9. To add a BK7IB Transport base to any of the listed stand-alone Apollo packages as shown in Table #2, add $14,000 MSRP (in USD). Applicable dealer discount = 25%. No additional SID applies; SID = 0%. BK7IB is fully CE approved. Please note MSRP up-charge for BK7IB from BK76IB is  $4,800;In the event a transport base is included in the purchase, the required line items to specify a complete system excluding any ancillary items (see #5 ) are as follows: (i) Apollo Print package (See #1), (ii) Transport base, (iii) interconnect cable, and (iv) transport base country kit.