For Larger production runs. Coated or non-coated stock.

TWK 2080H Reliable H

Coated and basic stocks.


Basic substrates, coated stock, matte, glossy papers, chipboard

TWK1818H Complete H

For more basic stocks, including uncoated, matte, and gloss coated.

TWK2010H Endurance

Matte coated and gloss coated stock

TWK1386 & TWK1396 MAX2 & MAX3

PVC, Plastic Cards, Aqueous Media


Fast dry ink for difficult non-pours substrates. Varnish and pharmaceutical packaging.


Extremely difficult non-porous substrates

Aqueous coated, PVC and Plastic Cards

TWK1961H Super Fast Black

Matte, glossy papers and corrugated style substrates

CM631 UV Invisible

Porous and lightly coated stock


Plastic card and PVC substrates

TWW1284 IR Invisible

Coated and non-coated stock

TWW1929 UV RED Spectra

Coated and non-coated stock

CM835 Florescent Blue

Porous and lightly coated stock

CM838 Florescent Red

Porous and lightly coated stock

TSB2100 Bear Blue

Prints on difficult substrates

TSR2008 Bear Red

Prints on difficult substrates

TSG2067 Bear Green

Prints on difficult substrates

*Most inks are available in cartridges as well as different types of bulks.
**Collins also offers 14 standard color dye-based formulations. All standard colors are available in “Fast Dry” and “Heads Up” formulations. In addition they have cyan, magenta and yellow pigment-based ink formulations. CM457, CM488 and CM502 Blue. CM500, CM506, and CM791 Red. CM501 Cyan.