Compose IQ

Personalize your Products with Compose


Standard Features

  • Supports inkjet printing, MAG & RFID encoding
  • Supports common data file formats
  • Job file storage and recall 
  • Real-time operator controls
  • Real-time record status and system views
  • Record search, reprint and re-cuing
  • Layout template storage and recall
  • Text, Barcode, Graphics, Line & Box and PDF layout tools
  • Variable graphics
  • Multiple print orientations: 0°, 90°, 270°, 360°. Text variable angle
  • Ink cost calculator tool
  • Production and audit data logging

Advanced Features

  • Database lookup and record retrieval – Read & Print
  • Product tracking and I/O control – Reject, re-order, remake
  • Multi-zone personalization sequencing – Duplex printing
  • OCR, Barcode, MAG, and RFID verification
  • CMYK Process colour c/w imported .icc colour profiles 
  • Product re-order and remake in the event of failure or loss

Powerful, Feature-rich Personalization Software

Originally conceived and developed in the early 90’s when Windows O/S was a new and novel operating system, Compose IQ, currently in its 11th version, has been at the heart of all Buskro inkjet and personalization systems since 1995

Compose: Standard Features

Compose IQ includes a number of screens that facilitates operator task navigation in the personalization environment

Compose: Advanced Features

Complementing the standard tools, Compose IQ also offers a series of advanced features designed for those more complex personalization applications that demand process integrity