The Intelligence Behind Your Print!

Today’s complex mail & print processes demand sophisticated control and job management.

All Buskro controllers come equipped with the latest version of Compose IQ software. These advanced controllers are flexible enough to meet the needs of any variable data printing (VDP) application.

Some of the standard features are their modular, open architecture that allows you to expand your line as your business grows. Advanced functions such as OCR read and print with real time one to one product tracking can be easily added, either when first purchased or as a field upgrade. These portable designs allow you to select any of Buskros transport bases, mount on your existing transport base or integrate with virtually any production line for a customized mail and print solution.

Choose one print technology or mix several for greater flexibility Buskro controllers can handle them all!

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  • Affordable entry level system 
  • Portable, expandable, upgradeable 
  • Supports up to 4 of print 
  • Standard PC, Windows + Compose IQ inkjet control software 
  • Supports advanced applications; read & print, master/slave and duplex printing 
  • Option: capable of connecting to a variety of reading devices such as cameras, barcodes, scanners etc.