Digital Label Press Info

Variable Data, High-Speed Inkjet Label Printing System

Late-Stage Label Personalization

Compact with fully integrated servo drives and a simple touch-screen operator interface, the DLP threads label webs easily, achieves precise motion control, and with its proven Compose software quickly prepares and manages print jobs to add colour and/or monochrome personalization print elements such as barcodes, text, graphics, or full PDF images.
Fast production is critical in managing operating costs and assuring that even your last-minute print job gets done. But if you can’t manage occasional print errors or the materialization of blank labels during a production intervention, you are not much further ahead. All elements of the DLP are designed to work in concert together to minimize waste and prevent the introduction of errors. And for those instances when you must deliver the highest print integrity and guarantee the quality and legibility of the image output, simply add print inspection to the process with a camera or barcode reader.
See why BUSKRO Digital Label Press is the perfect solution when you’re looking to minimize your inventory of pre-printed labels, add offset-like personalization as and when you want it, or meet today’s label personalization requirements for applications such as track and trace.

Fast VDP Production of Single or Multi-lane Labels

The DLP is equipped with a fully integrated Quantum 4.25” piezo-inkjet print engine that includes the convenience of an automated maintenance and park station to ensure the system is always ready to print at a moment’s notice. Maintain the print module for consistent high-quality print results from beginning to end with the occasional automatic or manual intervention. The Quantum printer achieves production rates up to 70,000 – 2” (76mm) labels per hour delivering high-speed, high-quality label images at resolutions up to 600 x 1200 DPI on a 4.25” (108mm) vertical print swath.

Superior Accurate Web Control

Employing an intuitive touchpad operator interface, the user can adjust production speeds, engage printer maintenance and handle various inputs from inspection, surface treatment and curing devices to provide the sophisticated back-and-forth web control and controlled stopping indispensable for label production accuracy and print integrity.
When a defect is detected during print inspection, the DLP has the ability to retrace and identify the defective label or mark it on-the-fly and continue with uninterrupted production. When manual or automatic print maintenance is required, the process can be managed flawlessly so that when production resumes, the system has retraced and avoids blank labels with an automatic cue to the position where you finished.

UV-Curable and Specialty Inks

Because not all substrates are alike and not all of them exhibit the same surface tension, care must be taken with UV inks to optimize the print result. Put on too much ink and you might get excessive ink spread, or put on too little and you may get a streaky image. To set and adjust for the right amount of ink, Compose IQ includes tools for drop size and print resolution adjustments. For additional control of the image, the DLP comes with a choice of two UV ink formulations to best meet your printing needs. Choose Bosch, for general use on most common substrates, or if you require a formulation with enhanced flow characteristics for streak-free print on plastics and other materials that restrict ink flow, then Picart is the ink of choice.
For applications where a specialty ink for use in security (invisible), colour or textile printing is essential, Buskro has at its disposal a number of ink partners that either supply a standard ink from their portfolio, or formulate a tailored solution.

Compose Software

Functioning in a Windows environment, the user-friendly interface delivers intuitive tools for fast and easy list importation, job storage and recall, image layout preparation, printer configuration, and production/audit reporting.
For more complex operations where print inspection, precise label tracking, print matching or RFID reading and/or writing is a vital requirement of the print job, Compose IQ incorporates a suite of advanced functions that can be harnessed when needed. With over 20 years of proven performance and continuous improvement, you will find that Compose IQ includes a rich set of features you can count on for all your VDP requirements.

Print Inspection – Camera Integration for Error Detection

That being said, no inspection would be complete without the means to identify or remove failed labels. The DLP offers both a standard manual removal procedure or an optional on-the-fly marking system for the handling of failed labels. Should you need to provide compliance documents or an audit trail, Compose IQ records, stores and archives the status of individual labels. Compose IQ even includes a facility to prepare a reprint file of failed labels should there be a requirement to correctly print each and every label.

Digital Label Press Applications

All critical elements from the precise and controlled web drive system to the proven variable print software and piezo inkjet printing engine have been engineered to provide an efficient, fast and accurate print solution suitable for late-stage, near-line label personalization.