Duplex Printing


Duplex printing applications are scenarios where personalized matching data is printed on both sides of a product.

These systems typically include two transport bases with a mechanical turnover unit in-between.

Buskro’s powerful Compose IQ software tracks the piece through the turnover unit and manages matching data for all print zones in real time. Real time tracking is the key to system and job integrity. Our “buffer of one” design philosophy is at the core of our system architecture allowing us to monitor every piece in real time and communicate to multiple sets of printheads using only one controller, on separate transport bases, thereby enabling you to print matching variable data without any guesswork, assumed tracking distances or product positions. Changes in product size, orientation or transport speeds are easily recognized and handled by Compose.

Our unique tracking features can be integrated to control items such as feeder, divert gates or stackers and can produce a variety of job and production audit reports.

Let Buskro show you the power of full system integrity and peace of mind today.



  • Matched addressing of the inside and outside
  • Variable hi-resolution graphics, bitmaps or postal indicias
  •  Printing on high varnish, laminate, poly-bag or metal
  • Verified matched card/carrier mailings
  • Graphic representation of all system activity in real time
  • Accurate job reporting with complete data accountability