Gaming & Tickets


Gaming and ticket production is all about variable data. Every piece that hits the street must be unique or purposely identical. The equipment you choose to perform this task must deliver sharp, clear images, and tight system control. These features are integral for total management of printed data.

System integrity is crucial to the success of the venture. Buskro’s Compose IQ software offers that level of integrity to track every piece through the system and ensure that what was ordered to be printed is what gets printed.

Camera systems from partner companies can be integrated to allow OCR checking of pieces through the entire process, and results can be viewed afterward using the custom reporting packages. Additional software and hardware can also be incorporated to provide real-time reports for your customers on a secure website so they can see how their job is going without physically being there. Gaming is a high-value item which can be low-cost in production and offer excellent returns, but without complete integrity of the system, your success can be left to chance.