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Effective LED Curing Lamp Solutions with your Safety and Comfort in Mind

Effective LED Curing Lamp Solutions with your Safety and Comfort in Mind

With its built-in lamp shut-off features, effective UV light shielding, and both a swivel and fixed mount option, Buskro LED curing solutions are designed to give users tools to quickly position and achieve optimal LED exposure in a safe pleasant environment for both curing and pinning needs.

LED Curing Tools Options

LED curing lamps feature air-cooled, long-life LED lamps capable of delivering a high-powered 20 w/cm2 stream of light over a 20mm horizontal exposure window and when greater curing dosage is required, an optional double lamp design with an output of 2 X 16 w/cm2 over a 40mm exposure window. Buskro also offers a pinning lamp solution (2 w/cm2 ) to assist with curing on delicate materials or to sharpen images and enhance color vibrancy through the control of ink drop spread and placement.

Not all substrates are the same and surprisingly not all of them react to curing in a similar way, that’s why Buskro makes available a number of tools to permit the user to tune the light stream and alter its conditions in order to achieve a desirable cure no matter the material or the challenge. All Buskro curing lamps are mounted on a rugged bridge that effortlessly and rapidly allows for placement of the light source in an optimal position and for the narrower 75mm and 150mm curing lamp models, Buskro includes a convenient swivel-mount design that lets you extend light exposure for a longer cure. To assist with curing on delicate materials or enhance color vibrancy and edge sharpness with ink drop spread and placement control, a pinning lamp solution (2 w/cm2 ) can be added to provide additional cure flexibility. Consult with the Buskro team and let us help you get the most out of your UV printer by ensuring you have the right curing elements to handle all your materials.

Safety Features to Protect Your Investment

In addition and more importantly, some of this focused light beam strays and finds its way onto the surface of the print module which when left unattended over a prolonged period can create the conditions for premature curing of the ink in the nozzles. As print modules are expensive, this becomes a critical consideration.

All Buskro LED curing solutions incorporate safety features designed to shield operators, prevent transport belt damage, and extend printhead life. Buskro LED power supply units are equipped with shut-off features that safely removes LED light emission in the event transport movement and/or product presence under the lamps is interrupted.

Complement your Buskro UV printer by choosing a Buskro LED curing system that has considered and implemented features necessary to optimize print results, achieves superior ink cure, and minimizes system damage and operator discomfort.