LED Curing

Effective LED Curing Lamp Solutions with your Safety and Comfort in Mind


  • Available in a variety of vertical coverage (75mm, 150mm, 225mm, and 375mm) 
  • Buskro LED lamp solutions include: i) LED curing lamp, ii) BK231 mount, iii) light shield, iv) Bridge, and v) power supply
  • Lamp emitting wavelength of 395nm tuned for Buskro Renoir, Bosch, and Picart UV-curable inks
  • Standard, high-powered single lamp (20 w/cm@ 20 mm) output
  • Optional  dual-lamp for increased curing dosage (16 w/cm2 @40mm) 
  • Swivel mount design for 75mm and 150mm models extends light exposure to improve cure and production speeds
  • Pairs with BUSKRO Aurora, Atom, and Quantum UV print solutions
  • Optional pinning lamp(s) assists with accurate drop placement and drop spread resulting in image crispness and colour vibrancy
  • Safety features shutdown light emissions to prevent transport belt damage, extend printhead life, and minimize operator discomfort
  • Mount/bridge combination for effortless lateral positioning and product thickness adjustments
  • Air cooling supplied by integrated fan
  • Long-life LED light source

Effective LED Curing Lamp Solutions with your Safety and Comfort in Mind

Buskro offers a suite of LED curing lamp kits to pair with Aurora, Atom, and Quantum UV printheads and includes a number of options to satisfy both the typical and unique curing needs of a particular substrate.

LED Curing Tools Options

Buskro LED curing solutions include models of 75mm, 150, 225, and 375mm widths devised specifically to work with Aurora, Atom, or Quantum series printheads.

Safety features to protect your investment

LED curing lamps are highly-efficient devices that project a surprising amount of intense blinding light energy onto a very narrow region, which if left exposed, rapidly generates a high concentration of heat onto the projected surface.