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The Buskro Modular Transport System is a flexible solution for all your transport needs

Robust in design and precise in construction, the MTS is designed to get the most out of your personalization and finishing requirements. Choose the MTS as your personalization and finishing platform for paper, plastic and metal products in the commercial printing, gaming, and packaging industries. Typical applications include card personalization, product attaching, box and package printing, labelling, and printing and inspection.

Robust, Scalable Transport Modules

Configure the cabinet and populate with modules of varying functions to meet all your product handling requirements including product registration, surface pre-treatment, precision printing platform, ink curing/drying, product turnover, and reject/waste diverting.  Add personalization and inspection elements and layer on powerful system controls to make it intelligent. Each module is conceived to easily interconnect and provide smooth and accurate product transport between modules. The MTS transport base forms the foundation of a personalization and product finishing system, fully configurable and customizable that can grow and change to fit all your present and future requirements.

Product Tracking and System Integrity 

With a central PLC, Compose IQ, and workflow software manage your data, system functions, activity reports, and track each product from start to finish.  Add inspection to verify your personalization, ensure accurate job completion, and re-order product when an inspection fails. Whether the job requires piece to piece, batch to batch, or job to job personalization, Compose IQ verification and monitoring capabilities ensure that the output you expect is the output you get.

Configure Your Personalization and Finishing Elements 

The MTS transport base is the foundation of a personalization system that provides all the necessary elements to combine print, labeling, RFID and Mag encoding capabilities. Finish your MTS system and make it an intelligent solution by adding third party technologies like scanners, readers and cameras to inspect, verify, and guarantee your personalization results.

Table 1 Specifications

Table 2: MTS Transport Modules


  • Functions include: inkjet printing, RFID, MAG, attaching, labeling, material registration & turnover, waste diverting, surface treatment, ink curing
  • Product size range: CR80 cards to A2 sheets (C-size) – portrait and landscape
  • Product thickness from single sheet to 1/4″  with  Divert or  3/4″ without Divert 
  • Modules in 0.5m, 1.0m, and 1.5m lengths: Edge Registration, Print Platform, Surface Pre-Treatment, Product Turnover, Divert Station, Friction Feeder
  • Personalization elements include: Inkjet Printing, RFID, and MAG Encoding 
  • Heavy-duty, precise cabinet construction in 2m sections with central drive shaft and mounting points for 0.5m, 1.0m, and 1.5m modules  
  • PLC control with interface to Compose IQ and workflow for product management and handling
  • Compose IQ functions include: information/data handling, system I/O control, layout preparation, personalization element management, production reporting, tracking & inspection, status updates, product waste and re-order, and real-time display
  • Third party accessories include: Tip-on servo Feeder, Inspection Camera and Barcode Scanner, Corona & Plasma surface treatment, Gluer