BUSKRO is pleased to introduce its new water-based, Legar ink solution formulated to produce low-cost, dark images on porous substrates. Legar ink, available in 475ml (Atom) and 1000ml (Atlas) packages, is compatible with Buskro’s Atlas and Atom print technologies complementing Buskro’s current ink suite of solvent-based and UV curable ink types.

Legar combines the darkness of HP inks with the reliability, fill, and production speeds of Monet ink to produce crisp, sharp images on porous substrates at a fraction of the cost of HP inks. Cost per image for Legar is similar to those of Kodak inks but for comparable HP inks generates savings that are typically 1/5 to 1/8 of the HP ink cost with further cost savings achievable through volume discounts for high-usage customers. With these significant ink cost savings, Legar ink is a great alternative for aging Apollo, 3rd party HP printers, and obsolete Kodak systems. Its low-cost combined with the ease of use, minimal maintenance, and on-the-fly ink refill of an Atom or Atlas inkjet system makes Legar ink an ideal choice for customers requiring a high-speed, high-volume system that provides round-the-clock production and minimal downtime. The enclosed illustration in Figure 1 provides a typical ROI analysis for Legar ink.

If you are looking for an alternative to your current aging or obsolete inkjet system and want the front runner in print performance and cost efficiency, consider an Atom or Atlas system that comes with Legar ink. Buskro is pleased to offer Legar ink solutions in the following colours for more complex printing needs: blue, cyan, red, green, yellow and orange.

If you would like to receive more information about Legar ink, an ROI analysis for a new Buskro inkjet system, and/or print samples of Legar ink, please contact us.


The ink specifications shown in section 1 below outline the specifications of both the ink and inkjet printer characteristics for both an HP printer and an Atom 2530. The ROI calculations provided herein employ the specifications. Section 1. Specifications

Apollo 4600 (HP)

Atom 2530

Ink Name

HP Versatile


Ink Type

Water based

Water based

Horizontal DPI



Vertical DPI



Preferred Substrate

Porous, semi-porous, matte

Porous, semi- porous, uncoated

Surface Speed

Up to 2.76 m/s

Up to 4.6 m/s

Vertical Coverage (in)

4” (2 X 2”)