Quantum Info

Precise Print with Outstanding Print Coverage

Portable, Precise, Proven Technology

With its small drop size, dense 600 DPI vertical coverage, and high drop ejection rate, the Quantum generates precise, high-resolution images (600 X 1200 DPI) at speeds suitable for a wide range of sheet-fed and web applications from basic barcodes to full-page variable PDF files. Constructed with up to four contiguous Kyocera print modules (4.25” – 108mm) each carefully mounted and aligned, Quantum series printers are able to produce seamless high-quality images from 4.25” (108mm) to 17” (432mm) in all print orientations, and with a broad suite of available inks, guarantees optimal print results and adherence onto the most common substrates you will face.

The Quantum printer packages and fully integrates all electronics, ink management, print module sub-systems, and even the ink bottle into the body of the printer, making it an industry leader in portability and flexibility. With its robust construction and solid shaft mounting platform, Quantum positioning and movement is effortless and its stability lays the foundation and conditions for optimal ink drop accuracy and placement.

If you want to produce colour images on printed matter, packaging products, and labels either on a web or as a cut-sheet application, look no further than the Quantum 4C.

Print Engine Capable of Remarkable Colour Images

With up to 600 x 1200 DPI resolution, a vertical print swath of 4.25” (108mm), drops varying in size from 3 to 14 pl, optional ink pinning, and Bosch UV-curable inks, the Quantum 4C comes equipped with all the tools to fine-tune and produce extremely crisp, vibrant colour images on a variety of flat substrates including paper, plastics and packaging materials. With each of the colour print modules carefully mounted and aligned on a stable print platform and using pigmented UV inks, the Quantum 4C achieves precise colour registration resulting in outstanding high-quality, and vibrant colour images. To further enhance image quality on certain substrates, an optional bank (4) of LED pinning lamps is available to maintain drop placement and limit ink spread by “freezing” individual ink drops prior to full cure.

Get the Print Results you Want at the Speed you Need

With user-selected horizontal resolutions of 300, 600, 900, and 1200 DPI and an ability to set the drop volume, the resulting Quantum print image can be adjusted to get just the right print at the speed you want.

Variable drops as small as 3pl coupled with a 600X1200 DPI resolution capability makes the Quantum ideal for images that incorporate more intricate details while its 4.25” (108mm), 8.50” (216mm) or 12.75″ (324mm) vertical print coverage yields an extended print breadth to produce even your largest PDF images in portrait or landscape mode. And for those occasions when image print fill and darkness become a concern, simply raise the amount of ink deposited by selecting a larger ink drop.

Quantum has the ink for you

Quantum has an ink for your printing requirements. When low-cost, dark and crisp impressions on porous materials are desired, choose the aqueous-based Harris ink and if the substrate presents adherence and drying challenges, Bosch UV curable ink is the recommended ink of choice. There is even a quick-drying aqueous formulation (Seurat) when you want to extend your capabilities to include some glossy materials without the need of a UV curing lamp. For plastic cards and other high-gloss surfaces, where good flow characteristics are essential in promoting a streak-free image, Picart has been specially formulated for these applications.

All Quantum inks are supplied in self-sealing bottles that conveniently and efficiently mate into the resident onboard ink management system, making the ink change operation clean, simple, and trouble-free.

To guarantee an adequate supply of treated ink for your most demanding print jobs, the Quantum printer employs Buskro’s proven TRUEFLOW active ink management system. By actively pumping, filtering, and degassing the ink prior to its introduction into the print module, the Quantum delivers reliable, consistent print at top production speeds for extended periods of time by minimizing system downtime arising from jet outs and operator maintenance.

Quantum Applications

With its ability to print large and precise high-quality images, the Quantum is typically used for those applications where near-offset quality is demanded and where seamless print in either portrait or landscape mode is desired. Capable of achieving substantial production speeds, typical applications can be found at the output of high-speed inserters, as stand-alone sheet-fed systems for mailing, card, and packaging applications, and on wide webs and large sheet-fed systems where vertical coverage is important.

More and more, to optimize productivity, save on waste, and guarantee an accurate output many of these applications also require product tracking, print inspection, and job completion certainty, accessed and enabled via Compose IQ’s extensive suite of advanced functions.