Wide-swath, fine-resolution printing

February 20, 2017. Pickering Canada. NA Release . BUSKRO is pleased to introduce its new Quantum Print System, a high-resolution piezo-DOD inkjet printer that delivers quality images at the production speeds required by most commercial printers to produce print jobs from simple addresses to full page PDF documents. Incorporating its “TRUEFLOW” active ink management system, the Quantum maintains these top-production speeds while printing even the most demanding, high-duty images. The Quantum, available in both a UV curable or water-based model produces a clean, crisp wide-swath image of 4.25″ (108mm) @ resolutions up to 1200 DPI on virtually all print media. The Quantum printer design is a mating of the proven Kyocera print technology with Buskro’s established inkjet controller/Compose IQ software resulting in an inkjet system that is familiar to use and compatible with existing Buskro inkjet systems.

Based on Buskro’s modular and flexible design philosophy, the Quantum adopts the highly-regarded encapsulated concept of the Atom, with all printer elements enclosed within the print head body itself. Not only does this offer unprecedented portability and installation possibilities onto a variety of third party equipment as well as Buskro’s suite of rugged vacuum transports but Quantum’s simplicity of design also provides for many years of trouble-free operation making maintenance or service where needed, a breeze to complete. Incorporating Buskro’s proven “TRUEFLOW” active ink management system, the Quantum treats and supplies an abundant supply of ink to the print head keeping up with even the most demanding images minimizing jet outs, operator maintenance, and downtime.

The Quantum is powered by Buskro’s proven Windows-based inkjet controller equipped with our industry leading system control software, Compose IQ. In this configuration up to 4 Quantum printers can be driven to produce a total vertical print coverage of 17” (432mm) at up to 1200 DPI. Leveraging the extensive Compose IQ features, the Quantum accepts data in a number of formats and converts this data into virtually any desired image either created by the user in the layout editor or supplied as PDF images. Operate the printer in simple stand-alone printer mode or take advantage of its special capabilities to interact with third party controllers, camera systems, scanners, and other such devices to support those advanced print applications that may require product tracking, read/print, real-time data lookups or duplex printing. And with its single data buffer design, get the peace of mind of knowing that you experience the highest data integrity and image matching possible.

Because its capable of combination printing with all other Buskro print technologies, a Quantum print system can operate with existing print technologies or the Quantum print head added/upgraded to existing Buskro inkjet systems.

If your looking for large print capacity produced at the highest quality on virtually all materials, either as a simple printer or for those advanced finishing applications where product tracking and print matching is a must, why not ask for the Quantum today. 



  • Self-contained, portable unit mounts onto rugged 230-style linear mount for ease of lateral movement and product thickness adjustment;
  • “TRUEFLOW” Active ink management: ink pumping, filtering, and degassing, purge pressure, ink tank vacuum control;
  • Wide swath, high resolution Piezo-DOD inkjet technology delivering 4.25″ (108 mm) @ 600 DPI;
  • 3 (4) selectable levels of grey;
  • Support for up to 4 Quantum print heads delivering a total vertical swath of 17” (432 mm);
  • Horizontal resolutions: 300, 600, 1200 DPI;
  • Quantum printer includes: i) Quantum print head, ii) Power supply, iii) mount, iv) encoder + Photocue sensor, and v) inkjet controller.


  • Available in 475 and 1000 ml ink bottles;
  • Water-based (Seurat) or UV curable inks (Bosch);
  • Water-based for low-cost printing of porous materials;
  • UV-curable for printing on the most challenging of substrates;


  • Inkjet controller includes: i) PC module (PCM), ii) Windows 10 or later operating system, iii) Compose IQ V11 or later inkjet control software, and iv) keyboard & monitor;
  • Compose IQ includes: i) operator (data management), ii) setup, iii) layout, iv) job, and v) diagnostic windows;
  • Print reports includes: i) machine and production reports, ii) job reports, and iii) record print status and audit logs;
  • Optional advanced functions include: i) read/print, ii) duplex (multi-zone printing), iii) product tracking and printing, iv) divert & stacker control, v) PDF image processing, vi) and simultaneous printing with 2 print technologies;
  • Unrestricted print orientation: 0, 90, 180, 270, or user-defined;
  • Prints text (True-type), graphics (.bmp, .jpg, .tif, .pcx, .wmf), barcodes (postal, 1D, 2D), and full PDF images;
  • Ink cost calculation;
  • Record searching and reprinting;
  • Duplicate printing lock-out.


  • Wide swath (full page), high resolution printing at resolutions up to 600 X 1200 DPI;
  • 3 (4) levels of grey + multiple horizontal DPI settings permit the user to tailor the print settings to meet the customer’s print quality and speed requirements;
  • “TRUEFLOW” active ink management allows the printer to keep up with even the most demanding high-duty images;
  • The proven capabilities of the Buskro inkjet controller provides up to 4-head support for 17” (432 mm) of vertical print and a range of special applications;
  • Wide variety of inks capable of printing and drying/curing on even the most challenging of substrates;
  • Portable for easy interchange on various transport devices;
  • Convenient and simple service programs available;
  • Low total cost of ownership: Equipment finance, Maintenance, Consumables, and Operating Labour;


Table #1. Quantum 4260 Dimensional Specifications Symbol





Print head Length




Overall Length




Print head Width




Print head Mount Width




Overall Height




Print head Height




Height Adjustment Knob




Bridge Rail Height