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Print Verification and Matched Mailings

Having the correct data on your mail pieces and documents is critical to your success. When a critical-data job is on the line, and you must have total control and verification of all your data, count on Buskro for accurate, proven results every time.

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Take Control of Critical Data

Buskro puts the power of total production control right in your hands, and makes it easy with Compose IQ system control. You get the confidence of accurate matched mailings, card/carrier documents, and complete job audit reporting.

Compose features

  • 1:1 product-to-data relationship
  • One record
  • One print
  • No buffer
  • Guaranteeing accurate results
  • Complete reporting of records completed, not completed, duplicate, or lost, for total system-wide integrity

For even higher levels of secure data printing applications, you can easily integrate and control camera verification systems or other reading devices with Compose IQ. Verification systems offer excellent compatibility with Buskro systems and full verification of applications such as:

  • Matched mail inspection for personalized documents, inserts, and envelopes
  • Card/carrier and magnetic stripe matching, including PIN number verification
  • Inserter output scanning for duplicate, sequential document, postage break, and indicia/stamp identification
  • In-line read and print inkjet printing
  • Production integrity verification to ensure complete production and formal reports to prove it for transactional documentation compliance, including HIPPA

Eclipse: The Buskro/Mag Vision Print Integrity Solutions

Incorporating the patented MagVision™ Intelligent scanning technology, Eclipse is able to guarantee 100% integrity in the production of mail where a closed-face envelope is matched with personalized contents.

Sealed, closed-face envelopes pass across the MagVision™ read head, where unique customer information that is stored within a barcode and printed on the enclosed document is read. This information is decoded and transferred to the inkjet printer software, triggering the appropriate personalization to be imaged onto the envelope. An optional verification camera confirms the match and delivers a proof-of-mailing manifest.

Eclipse can be used in online or offline environments, and its modular design makes it easy and inexpensive to add features and peripherals.

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