Tabbing & Labelling

Increased Production Efficiency

The BK730 can handle labels up to 3″ wide (5″ for BK730WL) by 7″ long and thanks to its large buffer container can apply them at an astonishing speed. Also, because the controls for the head are fully integrated to it and powered separately from the base, you can actually attach the tabbing head (now called the BK731 without the base) to any transport and have it work as a self-standing labeling unit.

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With ever changing postal regulations and the need to meet the demands of creative tabbing and labeling applications, it’s important to have access to the versatility of Buskro’s BK730 Tabber, BK730WL Wide Label Tabber or Enhanced Tabber.

Innovation Made Easy

The principle is simple, but few systems can do it with the precision or ease-of-setup of the Buskro BK730. Enter the length of the piece, how many tabs you want applied per piece and press an auto configuration button. The system does the rest to get the tabs right where you want them.

For labeling, the head that applies the tab can be re-threaded with labels or stamps. It is then set up to apply the -label fully to the piece instead of along the side when it is folded under.



  • Apply tabs and labels up to 7” (178mm) long
  • Super-fast, easy setup and changeover allow for quick transitions between jobs
  • Automatic controls eliminate guesswork and enhance consistency from piece to piece
  • Can apply up to 50,000 tabs per hour based on a ¾” tab
  • Peel off and scratch off label applications are available

Built for Today, Designed for Tomorrow!

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