November 28-30, 2017

Hall: Palais des Festivals Cannes
Location: Cannes, France

Opinion leaders on payment, financial services, commerce, telecommunications, data identification, and data security will share their expertise on such topics as:

  • Neo-Banks
  • FinTech
  • Open Innovation: From Blockchain to Open API
  • Biometrics for Authentication
  • and many more

As well, the whole industry of Card Manufacturing Materials & Hardware for Payments & ID Security will be attending. 

  • Manufacturing and Personalization Equipment
  • Test Equipment, System Personalization and Maintenance
  • Integrated Circuits (with or without specific housing)
  • Electronic Components & Sensors
  • Materials, Consumables, and Accessories
  • Cards, Card Micro-Modules, and Other Form Factors (Smart Objects)
  • Secure Infrastructure Devices
  • IC Solutions (Tools, Services, Process)
  • Generic OS for Cards, Readers, and Terminals
  • Solutions and Services for Manufacturing, Personalization and Management of Cards and Other Form Factors Personalization

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