For all your single-pass, variable-colour printing needs


  • Print speeds up to 2.6 m/s
  • Available in 4.25” print modules with up to 17” of coverage
  • Ideal for producing near offset print quality for full process and spot color on virtually all flat substrates, including corrugated, bags, pouches and packaging material

Fully-Automated Colour Print Solution

The Quantum 4C printer offers high-resolution printing up to 600 x 1200 DPI with a 4.25” (108mm) vertical print swath. It utilizes Bosch UV-curable inks, adjustable drop sizes from 3 to 14 pl, and optional ink pinning for vibrant color images on various substrates like paper, plastics, and packaging materials. Equipped with Bosch-pigmented UV inks and precise color print modules, it achieves near offset-like quality. Optional LED pinning lamps maintain drop placement and limit ink spread. The Trueflow active ink management system optimizes print performance and extends module life. Automated maintenance ensures continuous high-speed color printing for demanding jobs, maintaining optimal print conditions.

Color-Management Software Tools

The Quantum 4C software has the ability to create, load, and apply user-defined ICC color profiles for a specific print substrate at print time. By selecting and applying an ICC color profile, adjusting print resolution and regulating drop volume, and subjecting the resulting UV print to pinning, the Quantum 4C has what it takes to achieve optimal color reproduction and produce the most vibrant images on a wide range of substrates.

Designed for all Colour Print Applications

The Quantum 4C is available as a complete stand-alone system to print on individual products and includes feeding, transporting, inspecting, and material-diverting capabilities. It is also a great option for integrating onto a pre-existing web, transport or label press where complimentary variable color/monochrome print is desired. Some examples are full-color envelopes at the output of inserters, pre-printed package branding, color label and flat box printing, and the imprinting of promotional and marketing materials. Even combine fixed color PDF files with variable black content such as text, barcodes, codes, and serial numbers to print all information and content in one-pass.

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