The compact inkjet only requiring data to perform

Buskro's Quantum Printhead


  • Print at speeds up to 4.6 m/s (890 fpm)
  • Available in 2.55” or 5.1” print modules
  • Ideal for high-speed, high-volume printing environments with flexibility to print on porous, coated, or glossy materials

Easy to Integrate, Entry-Level Print Solution

The Atom excels in traditional addressing, barcoding, variable personalization, and offers scalability for evolving printing needs.

Atom offers a lower total cost-of-ownership than cartridge-based systems. The standard model suits basic printing needs where data can be transferred from third-party sources without the need for a Buskro controller. This is ideal for integrating onto a pre-existing product line, or 3rd party transport where space may be at a minimum.

For advanced applications, an “enhanced” Atom model, powered by a Buskro controller, leverages Compose IQ for complex layouts with text, graphics, barcodes, and PDFs.

With larger drops (30 pl) and high-speed capabilities using low-cost inks, Atom is ideal for entry-level printing solutions where high speeds and volumes are of the utmost importance.

Trueflow Active Ink Management System

The Atom printer ensures top-quality print results with Buskro’s TRUEFLOW ink management system. By actively pumping, filtering, and degassing ink before printing, it maintains reliability and consistency at high speeds, reducing downtime from jet outs and maintenance. Self-sealing ink bottles integrate seamlessly, simplifying clean and trouble-free ink changes.

Affordable, Proven Technology with a Wide Selection of Inks

The Atom Inkjet offers affordable, proven technology with various body styles and software support. Models feature 2.55”, or 5.1” print coverage and compact design. It supports aqueous, solvent, UV curable, and specialty inks for diverse substrates. The Atom boasts a smaller footprint, internal ink supply and delivery, which is ideal for printing applications with limited space or varied product widths. UV curable inks ensure instant curing on various materials, while solvent-based options suit porous and coated materials without the need for post-print dryers.

Quantum Barcode Scanner

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