The Just Add Data Inkjet


  • Atom printers available in three models: 1025 – 1” (25mm), 2500 – 2.55” (65mm) and 5100 – 5.10″ (130mm)
  • Configure Atom printers to cover 20.4” (520mm) @ 256 or 300 DPI 
  • BK705 Controller c/w Compose IQ supports up to 4 Atom printers
  • Two controller styles: BK705 c/w Compose IQ or laptop c/w ethernet
  • Two body styles: Standard or Compact c/w rotatable print face 0° to 90°
  • Speeds up to 890 fpm (4.6 m/s) @ 110 DPI
  • 100 to 600 horizontal DPI 
  • Choice of UV-curable (Renoir, Picart), Aqueous (Forain, Legar), or solvent (Cezanne, Monet)
  • Self contained, portable unit mounted on a rugged print platform
  • Easy lateral movement and product thickness adjustment
  • Trueflow active ink management: ink bottle c/w 4-channels, pumping, filtering, degassing, and low ink detection
  • Ink available in a collapsible bottle with snap in bottle refill
  • Combine with other Buskro print technologies on the same operating platform
  • Compatible 75mm and 150mm Buskro LED curing lamps available

Proven Technology with affordable cost of ownership

Leveraging over 25 years of piezo inkjet experience and powered by Compose IQ, Buskro has devised the Atom as an all-in-one portable printer incorporating the ink bottle and delivery system, head support and image generation electronics, printer module, and operator controls encased in a rugged body and mount construction. For simple variable data print jobs, with its portability, the Atom can easily be fitted into existing production lines and workflows; All you need is the connection to “Just Add Data” supplied by either Compose IQ or other third party software.

Compact Body Style and Print Orientation

For ease of integration and ability to move the Atom printer from transport-to-transport, the standard Atom configuration encases all elements within its body, however a compact version with outside ink supply exists (available with both standard or enhanced controls) when you have limited mounting space or when you want to print in an orientation other than straight down.

Inks suitable for a wide range of printing jobs

The suite of proprietary inks available for the Atom supports many substrates and print applications, and comes in a range of competitive prices. Although most users appreciate the capabilities of UV-curable inks (Picart, Renoir) to work on a wide-range of substrates including challenging ones like plastics and metal… the Atom also supports solvent (Monet, Cezanne), aqueous (Legar, Forain), and specialty inks used for specific applications.

From Simple to Complex Imaging Applications

The Atom receives its data by one of two means; a simplified version of our industry-leading Compose IQ software (or third-party software) devised to send layout information and data (in delimited or bitmap format) directly to the printer, or as with other BUSKRO print technologies, fully supported by Compose IQ, leveraging all its basic and advanced features.

Atom Applications

The Atom is an excellent candidate to replace aging thermal and continuous inkjet systems with modern DOD print technology. The Atom is the sensible choice when you are seeking a high-speed DOD printer that’s affordable with an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO).