BK1700 Series Controllers

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A full suite of controllers to drive your variable digital printing

BK700 Controllers


  • Available in entry-level, and more advanced controller modules
  • Driving force for Buskro’s suite of inkjet printers and Compose IQ software
  • Ideal for all variable digital printing and multi-faceted system control for all Buskro solutions

The driving force for all variable printing applications

Buskro’s controllers are vital for variable digital printing due to their ability to synchronize high-speed printing with precise data management. These controllers ensure seamless integration of variable data, enabling personalized content at rapid rates. By managing data flow and print mechanisms, they optimize efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in printing processes. This precision is crucial for industries relying on personalized marketing, such as direct mail campaigns, packaging, and labelling. Buskro’s controllers empower businesses to deliver tailored messages effectively, enhancing customer engagement and response rates. Ultimately, they streamline production, reduce costs, and boost competitiveness in the dynamic landscape of variable digital printing.

BK705: The Entry Level Controller

Introducing the BK705, Buskro’s introductory-level controller designed to cater to your printing essentials. Engineered to support a range of Buskro print technologies like Atlas, Aurora, and Apollo, the BK705 comes armed with the dynamic Compose IQ software suite, ensuring seamless management of your inkjet printing requirements.

Highlighted features include:

  • Complete with Compose IQ software
  • Supports up to 4” of print
  • Diverse built-in barcodes, including IMB.
  • Flexibility to choose from a wide array of true/open type fonts.
  • Adjustable print angles to suit your preferences.
  • Integrated job audit reporting for enhanced monitoring.
  • Compatibility with various graphic formats such as .bmp, .jpeg, .wmf, .tif, and .pdf.

Moreover, advanced functionalities like OCR read and real-time, one-to-one product tracking can be effortlessly incorporated into the BK705, either upon initial purchase or through a convenient field upgrade.

Thanks to its portable design, the BK705 offers the flexibility to select from Buskro’s range of transport bases. These bases can seamlessly integrate with your existing setup or be mounted on virtually any production line, ensuring adaptability and efficiency.

BK1710/1720: The Full Feature Controller

The Buskro 1710/1720 Controller ensures revenue generation by delivering quality print solutions for your business. Its modular, open architecture allows for expansion as your business grows.

Highlighted features include:

  • Complete with Compose IQ software
  • Supports up to 20” of print
  • TrueFlow ink management system
  • Supports CMYK printing
  • Ability to combo multiple print technologies together for simultaneous printing
  • Compatible with: 2500 Series Printers, Apollo, Atom & Quantum print technologies
  • Integrated job audit reporting for enhanced monitoring.
  • Compatibility with various graphic formats such as .bmp, .jpeg, .wmf, .tif, and .pdf.

Controllers like the BK1710 & 1720 integrate a PC module, Windows OS, and Compose IQ software to oversee printing. They incorporate Buskro’s Trueflow ink management, regulating ink pumping, treatment, and monitoring. With snap-in bottles for easy ink replenishment, they ensure smooth printing operations, epitomizing printing intelligence.

This scalable and ergonomic controller integrates seamlessly with Buskro’s transport bases, providing customized mail and print solutions. With full-size rack-mount construction, it accommodates Aurora (UV), Atlas (Monet, Cezanne, Legar), and Apollo inkjet technologies, supporting up to 20” of print. Capable of operating multiple print technologies simultaneously, it supports CMYK printing with vertical resolutions up to 400 DPI and accommodates product tracking for up to 8 asynchronous zones. Experience powerful control for demanding print applications with Buskro controllers.

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