BK730 Tabber

The Industry Leader in Tabbing Since 1997


  • Apply Tabs and labels from ½” (12.7mm) X ½” (12.7mm) up to 5” (127mm) wide X 7” (178mm) long
  • Up to 30,000 tabs per hour depending on label size and pitch
  • Up to 3 tabs per side
  • Surface speeds up to 350 ft/min (1.79 m/s)
  • Opaque, translucent and clear tabs c/w engineered-backer
  • Automatic tab pitch and backer sensitivity setting
  • Automatic tab placement in accordance with postal regulations, eliminating guesswork
  • Peel-off and scratch-off label applications are available
  • Keypad control for BK731 Labeler setup entries
  • Product edge registration and thickness controls
  • Two-sided tabbing capabilities with 2 X BK730 tabbers with optional bump turn kit

Meet Postal Guidelines

With thousands of functional units producing everyday, see why the BK730 tabber has been, and continues to be the name in tabbers. An industry workhorse for over 20 years, it’s design was groundbreaking then and continues to be the proven, reliable choice for tabbing today.

Wrap your Tabs Tightly and Accurately

The key to accurate tab placement and a tight tab wrap is good edge registration and firm product control through the tab forming section.

Easily Configure Your Jobs with Simple Controls

Job setup is made easy for the tabber’s two major components; the transport base responsible for conveying the product and the BK31 labeling head for dispensing the individual tabs.

Tabber Applications

Whether you want to apply tabs on one or two sides of a mailing product or place a label on its top surface, the BK730 tabbing & labeling system is a proven high-speed performer. Intended for placement at the output of mailing and finishing equipment, the tabber includes an optional wide-label kit should you need to accommodate labels up to 5″ X 7” in size.