BK7IB Transport Base


Streamlined solutions for efficient inline transport in every industry

BK730 Buskro Tabber


  • Available in 3 Belt, 4 Belt and double Wide Belt configurations, with optional left or right direction of travel
  • Capable of handling materials ranging from CR80 cards to A3 page format
  • Ideal for transporting flat substrates of varying thickness including direct mail and packaging materials

Precise Material Handling

Buskro offers three distinct 7IB inline transport bases tailored to diverse printing needs. These bases include a 3-belt, 4-belt, and double wide belt transport, each varying in belt number and size. Key features across all models include recessed belts with an even-flow vacuum system, aluminum side extrusions for hardware mounting, and spring-loaded rollers for precise material handling. These transport bases are designed to operate inline with other integrated devices, or offline as a complete standalone system.

Belt Inline Base

Ideal for entry-level, economical applications. Suitable for handling basic substrate material.

Belt Inline Base

Ideal for robust centre line detection of all product sizes and conveyance of larger products. This product may require a ramp-up table depending on the material being transported.

Wide Belt Inline Base

The maximum belt coverage is ideal for transporting large products, when smoothe conveyance of all products and centre line detection is required. Utilizing this transport base eliminates the requirement of a ramp-up table

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