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The Quantum features an all-encompassing print system that fully integrates the electronics, ink management, and print module sub-systems into the body of the printer making it an industry leader in portability and flexibility. Variable drops as small as 3pl coupled with a 600X1200 DPI output capability makes the Quantum ideal for smaller, more intricate and precise print applications while its 4.25″ print swath yields a wide print breadth resulting in crisp, even print for the most generous of images.

The Quantum print technology incorporates Buskro’s proven TRUEFLOW active ink management system ensuring an adequate delivery of treated ink for even the most demanding of print jobs. By actively pumping, filtering and degassing the ink inside the print head, the Quantum offers reliable, continuous print at top production speeds while minimizing jet outs, operator maintenance and system downtime.

The Quantum offers a choice between Buskro’s water-based Seurat ink, ideal for printing dark images on porous materials and Bosch UV curable ink for adherence to a wide and challenging range of substrates. These inks, supplied in self-sealing bottles, conveniently and simply connect into an onboard ink management system for efficient delivery into the print arrays, making the ink change operation clean and simple.


  • Self-contained, portable unit mounted on a stable printing platform
  • Wide swath, high resolution Piezo-DOD inkjet technology – 4.25″ (108mm) @ 600 DPI
  • Horizontal resolutions: 300, 600, 1200 DPI
  • 4 selectable levels of grey
  • Controller supports up to 4 Quantum print heads for a total vertical swath of 17″ (432 mm)
  • Easy lateral movement and product thickness adjustment
  • “TRUEFLOW” Active ink management: ink pumping, filtering and degassing
  • On-the-fly, snap in bottle refill with low ink indicator
  • Available in 475 mL or 1L, self-sealing ink bottles
  • Water-based (Seurat) or UV curable (Bosch) inks
  • Compatible with older Buskro controllers
  • Unrestricted print orientation: 0, 90, 180, 270, or user-defined

Ink Compatibility

  • Bosch
  • Seurat