Precise Print with Outstanding Print Coverage


  • Uses Kyocera DOD print module – 4.25” (108mm) wide @ 600 DPI
  • 3 Quantum models available: 4260 – 4.25″ (108mm), 8560 – 8.50” (216mm) or 12760 – 12.75” (324mm)
  • Horizontal resolutions: 300, 600, 900, 1200 DPI
  • 3 or 4 selectable drop levels to adjust print opacity and darkness
  • Configure printer models up to 17” (432mm) @ 600 DPI vertical coverage
  • BK705 controller supports up to 4 Kyocera print modules
  • Speeds up to 667 fpm (3.4 m/s) @ 300 DPI
  • Precise, near-offset quality images up to 600 X 1200 DPI
  • Unrestricted print orientation: 0, 90, 180, 270, portrait or landscape
  • Self-contained, portable unit mounted on a rugged printing platform
  • Easy lateral movement and product thickness adjustment
  • On-the-fly, snap in bottle refill with low ink indicator
  • Available in 1000ml self-sealing ink bottles
  • Water-based (Harris, Seurat), UV curable (Bosch, Picart) or specialty inks (on request)

Portable, Precise, Proven Technology

Don’t let Buskro Quantum simplicity fool you, combining Kyocera’s widely-popular print module with Buskro’s well established BK705 inkjet controller, Compose IQ software, and Trueflow ink management expertise, it delivers a powerful printing punch at near-offset print quality.

Proven Compose IQ personalization Software

Compose IQ, developed when Windows was in its infancy and now in its 11th version, is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest print features the industry demands for high-speed variable print.

Get the Print Results you Want at the Speed you Need

Quantum has all the necessary tools for adjusting the print output to get the print quality and production speeds you are looking for.

Quantum has the ink for you

Quantum offers you a number of inks to achieve optimal print results on your most common substrates at a cost you want.

Quantum Applications

When you are looking for a printer that achieves precise near-offset like variable images in minute details, can do so on an extensive set of materials, and offers the ability to print the widest large files, the Quantum is an ideal candidate.