Sophisticated, Versatile Labelling System

The Buskro BK731 Labeller is designed to apply pressure sensitive labels onto mail pieces. The system offers full flexibility in its ability to apply labels onto mail pieces and other substrates.

In keeping with Buskro’s philosophy of ease of use, the Labelling head is designed with many innovative features. The BK731 is controlled through software via an operator keypad that permits rapid selection of the number of labels dispensed and their placement positions. A unique label-sensing feature allows for the operator to easily adjust the label pitch at the touch of a button.

The labelling-head mechanism was designed with few mechanical parts to allow for easy label threading and machine setup to improve productivity. The labelling head is mounted on two aluminum extrusion rails, which allow the labelling head to be moved easily from side to side, allowing labels to be placed at different locations on the mail piece and facilitate fine-tune adjustments.

In addition, the peel-point assembly can be adjusted up, down, and laterally, for different material thicknesses and label widths.

All of these features, in addition to the manufacturing quality and innovative product design add up to an extremely functional labelling system capable of years of reliable and trouble-free operation.


  • Apply tabs and labels up to 7” (178mm) long
  • Super-fast, easy setup and changeover allow for quick transitions between jobs
  • Automatic controls eliminate guesswork and enhance consistency from piece to piece
  • Peel-off and scratch-off label applications are available
  • Compatible with third-party transports
  • Can apply up to 50,000 labels per hour depending on label size and pitch