Direct Mail


Buskro provides a complete solution to meet your high-volume mailing applications

Control, transport and personalization are the keys to direct mail success. From creative applications of personal data for mailings, to complete data verification of sensitive transactional and health documents, Buskro is a specialist in applying the finishing touches to direct mail pieces of all kinds.

The printing on your mail piece reflects your image, and it can make a real difference for you and your customers. Using Buskro’s inkjet printers, with the industry’s highest resolution for production data printing, ensures customer satisfaction and postal compliance. Print barcodes, TrueType fonts, or graphics in resolutions as high as 600 x 660 DPI and can get up to speeds of 4.0m/s.


  • Available in water-based, solvent, UV curable and specialty inks 
  • Print swaths starting at 1” of coverage up to 17”