Quantum 4C

For all your single-pass variable colour printing needs on a variety of flat printing substrates.


  • Kyocera Piezo-DOD inkjet technology with Bosch UV-curable inks
  • High-speed, single-pass colour up to 1.23 m/s
  • Variable printing from image to image, batch-to-batch or job-to-job
  • 4 supported print modules (C,M,Y,K)
  • Vertical print coverage: 4.25″ (108 mm) @ 600 DPI
  • Horizontal resolutions: 300, 600, 900, 1200 DPI
  • Colour palettes for text, lines and boxes
  • Graphic files: PDF (.pdf), Bitmap (.bmp), jpeg, tif, pcx, wmf, PNG
  • Compose IQ colour management software – ICC color profiles
  • Full colour layout editor 
  • Rugged, precise linear bearing mount for outstanding colour registration 
  • TRUEFLOW active ink management: ink degassing, purge pressure, ink tank vacuum control, and pumping 
  • High-visibility LED status indicator 
  • Optional LED pinning lamps (4) 
  • Substrate-specific ICC colour profiles 
  • Available in 1000mL or 5000mL collapsible ink bottles

Uncompromising, high-resolution colour printing

Building on over 25 years of proven inkjet performance and experience, Buskro has expanded its suite of colour inkjet printers to include a Quantum colour printer: The Quantum 4C.

Print Engine Capable of Remarkable Colour Images

The Quantum 4C printer, equipped with a set of 4 separate colour print modules (C,M,Y,K) further supported by Compose IQ colour management software, is capable of printing variable and fixed color images at high-speed in single pass mode on a wide variety of cut-sheet or web-fed materials.

Compose IQ Colour Management Tools

Compose IQ’s layout editor seamlessly imports common colour graphic files such as PDF, bitmap and jpeg and gives you the ability to resize them to fit within the image constraints while minimizing colour and detail distortion while doing so.

CMYK Ink Set

Due to its relatively small drop size, the Quantum 4C deposits plenty of smaller ink drops resulting in a smooth, consistent image. Complementing this are two UV ink formulations for the Quantum 4C that can be selected to best meet your printing needs.

Quantum Applications

Quantum 4C is ideal for near-line printing, imprinting, and personalization of your printed matter and packaging materials; Apply a splash of colour with a tagline, text message or imprinted logo on pre-printed materials or convert your unprinted blank materials into a finished product.