For all your single-pass variable colour printing needs on a variety of flat printing substrates.

Uncompromising, high-resolution colour printing 

Content: Building on over 25 years of proven inkjet performance and experience, BUSKRO has expanded its suite of color inkjet printers to include a Quantum colour printer:The Quantum 4C printer. Offering high-speed variable colour printing for your sheet or web-fed printing applications, The Quantum 4C delivers an exceptional 600×1200 DPI colour image up to 4.25” high. Equipped with Compose IQ colour management software, the printer has all the necessary tools to mix and combine variable information including colour graphics, text and barcodes. 

Mounted on a stable print platform and offering optional LED pinning lamps, the Quantum 4C delivers excellent colour registration to produce extremely high-quality, vibrant colour images. 

Remarkable Colour Print results 

The Quantum 4C printer, employing 4 separate colour print modules (C,M,Y,K) and supported with Compose IQ colour management software is capable of printing variable images at high-speed in single pass mode on either cut-sheet or web-fed materials . With up to 600 x 1200 DPI resolution, a vertical print swath of 4.25” (108mm), and Bosch UV-curable inks, extremely crisp and vibrant colour images are produced on a variety of flat substrates including paper, plastics, and packaging materials. To limit ink migration and drop spread, the 4C model comes with an optional LED curing lamp kit to “pin” the UV curable ink. 

Trueflow Ink Technology 

The Quantum 4C print technology incorporates Buskro’s proven Trueflow active ink management system to ensure an adequate supply of treated colour inks (C,M,Y,K) to each of the print modules. By actively pumping, filtering and degassing each of the inks, reliable, continuous printing at high-production speeds for even the most demanding single-pass print jobs is achieved. Automated maintenance for occasional cleaning and maintenance of the individual print modules works in concert with the printing operation to ensure maximum up-time while minimizing the occurrence of print image defects.

Compose IQ Colour Management Tools 

Apply a variety of colours selected from stored palettes to text, boxes, and lines, mask out the colour background to add “white” text, or import common colour files such as PDF, bitmaps, and jpeg. Compose IQ includes all the necessary colour management tools to manipulate and prepare your colour images. Most importantly, to ensure the highest colour reproduction possible for the job at hand, Compose IQ allows the user to specify and apply substrate-specific ICC colour profiles at time of printing (user-developed with standard ICC colour profiling tools). 


  • Piezo-DOD inkjet technology with Bosch UV-curable inks
  • High-speed, single-pass color
  • Variable printing from image to image, batch-to-batch, or job-to-job
  • 4 supported print modules (C,M,Y,K)
  • Vertical print coverage: 4.25″ (108 mm) @ 600 DPI
  • Horizontal resolutions: 300, 600, 900, 1200 DPI
  • Colour palettes for text, lines and boxes
  • Graphic files: PDF (.pdf), Bitmap (.bmp), jpeg, tif, pcx, wmf, PNG
  • Compose IQ colour management software
  • Full color layout editor 
  • Rugged, precise linear bearing mount for outstanding color registration 
  • TRUEFLOW active ink management: ink degassing, purge pressure, ink tank vacuum control, and pumping 
  • High-visibility LED status indicator 
  • Optional LED pinning lamps (4) 
  • Substrate-specific ICC colour profiles 
  • Available in 1000mL or 5000mL collapsible ink bottles