The Affordable, High Resolution Inkjet

Apollo HP

Powerful system control, outstanding print quality, and easy operation A true production machine, outstanding print quality at a great price. Apollo produces high quality images with print resolutions from 110 to 600 x 600 dpi depending on your application.

HP pigmented inks produce dark crisp images on a variety of substrates with easy pen replacement. For high production environments. Buskro offers an exclusive pumped bulk ink delivery system. Printheads are available in a 1″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ configurations giving you excellent coverage abilities.

From simple addressing to complex imaging, Apollo does it all!


  • Print heads available in 2″ or 4″ of vertical print
  • Choice of HP ink cartridges
  • Reliable high-speed printing: 30,000+ pieces per hour
  • Simple, low maintenance, user-friendly system
  • Apollo 4C option available for CMYK and spot colour applications

Ink Compatibility

  • Collins
  • HP

Apollo 4C

Colour makes a world of difference – it grabs attention, increases response rate, boosts recollection, and sells more effectively.


  • Print heads available in 1″ of vertical print
  • Water-based inks best suited for porous substrates
  • Reliable, high-speed printing
  • Simple, low maintenance, user-friendly system
  • Modular design: combine with other print technologies on the same operating platform

Built for Today, Designed for Tomorrow!

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