Card Personalization Solutions

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Buskro's CPS Solutions

With modular design and unmatched efficiency, Buskro’s card personalization systems allow for effortless customization of cards, ensuring high-quality printing and precision on every piece.

Applications Enhanced by Buskro:

  • Identification Cards: Secure and personalized IDs for various organizations.
  • Loyalty & Membership Cards: Deepen customer relationships with custom loyalty cards.
  • Access Control & Event Passes: Ensure secure entry with personalized access cards.
  • Gift Cards: Offer personalized gift cards for an enhanced shopping experience.

Buskro’s card personalization solutions drive efficiency and productivity, allowing your business to reducing costs and resources.  At a speed of 1 meter per second, Buskro can personalize approximately 20,000 CR80 cards per hour. Buskro’s modular card personalization solutions enhance efficiency, enabling your business to achieve higher output with fewer resources and reduced capital costs.

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