Digital Label Press

Variable Data, High-Speed Inkjet Label Printing System


  • Supports 4.25” (108mm) wide print up to 600 x 1200 DPI resolution
  • Variable data Inkjet printing and RFID personalization
  • Servo web-drive at speeds up to 60 m/min (190 fpm)  
  • Simple media path with roll Unwind/Rewind capabilities
  • UV-curable black (or CMYK) and security ink formulations for printing on the most challenging substrates
  • Back and forth motion with precise stop and re-cuing at last good label
  • Quantum 4260 inkjet printer with automated maintenance/parking station and LED curing lamp 
  • Media rolls from ½” (13mm) to 5” (127mm) wide and up to 19” (483mm) diameter with standard 3” core 
  • Quick job changeover with simple media roll installation and software job management 
  • Touch screen with remote production monitoring 
  • Advanced features: print inspection, label tracking, RFID/print matching, waste management 
  • Compose IQ supports fixed and variable text, 1D, 2D and QR Barcodes, as well as common packaging barcodes including GS1, Harvest Mark, GTIN, UPC and EAN 
  • Record searching, reprinting, duplicate print lockout 
  • Contactless RFID solution to read UID from a variety of formats (LF, HF and UHF), append to a datafile and supply to printer for printing on corresponding label
  • Print inspection with manual removal or on-the-fly marking of defective labels

Late-Stage Label Personalization

Intended for late-stage personalization of labels, BUSKRO Digital Label Press (DLP) is a high-volume inkjet printing solution that outputs a high-resolution print image when you want to add variable data images to your labels while minimizing both waste and production time.

Fast VDP production of single or multi-lane labels

Designed to accommodate labels up to 5” (127mm) wide, either in a single or multi-lane layout, with a maximum roll diameter of 19” (482mm) on a standard 3” (76mm) core, the DLP can produce variable images at speeds up to 190 fpm (60 m/min) on a wide variety of materials including most common paper label stocks, both plastic and metal film, and textiles.

Superior Accurate Web Control

Twin servo-driven spools, constant tension control and a smooth motion profile ensures optimal print conditions and precise label stopping and positioning; characteristics vital for the successful operation of the system. The thread path is kept compact and simple, conceived to quickly load the label spool with minimal front-end and back-end roll waste.

UV-Curable and Specialty Inks

Employing UV curable inks in combination with an LED curing lamp, the DLP is perfect for achieving crisp, dark images at high speeds onto the widest variety of substrates including matte, porous and glossy paper, textiles, thin plastic and metal films.

Compose Software

The entire DLP operation is supervised by Buskro’s established Compose IQ software. In addition to performing the basic printing functions, Compose also layers on powerful system controls and data manipulation features.

Print Inspection – Camera Integration for Error Detection

At the heart of any process that vouches for the acceptance of completed labels, lies a camera or barcode reader print inspection system that continuously monitors, inspects and assesses the print output.

Digital Label Press Applications

Incorporating the features of a true digital production label printing system, with its fast setup, high-throughput and a user-friendly print job management environment, the DLP is equally suited for short and long-run print jobs.