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The Just Add Data Inkjet

Proven Technology with affordable cost of ownership

Available in a range of body styles, print coverages, and software support, Atom printer models offer choice at an affordable cost to meet your printing needs. Models include a 1” (25mm), 2.55” (65mm) or 5.1” (130mm) @ 300 DPI vertical resolution with the option of two body styles, one with onboard ink supply for full portability, the other packaged in a compact body with a rotating print face for print applications where print orientation may be other than straight down.

The Atom comes with a variety of aqueous, solvent, UV curable inks, and specialty inks, maintaining a choice of inks to handle virtually any of your material substrates and job requirements. Using larger drops (30 pl) and capable of high-speeds with relatively low-cost inks, the Atom is the sensible choice when you are seeking an entry-level print solution at an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO).

Compact Body Style and Print Orientation

This Compact Atom, as the name implies, is a printer with a smaller footprint and external ink supply, incorporating a swiveling, compliant print face that can be rotated for infinite angular print orientation somewhere between straight down to sideways and can adapt to varying product thicknesses. This makes it ideal for printing in locations where space is limited, product thicknesses may vary from piece to piece, or when the print orientation required is something other than downwards. Packaging applications for printing on the side of boxes, or on saddle stitchers to match the saddle angle are some examples.

Inks suitable for a wide range of printing jobs

Renoir and Picart are both UV curable inks that can print and cure instantly on the widest variety of materials including glossy coatings, plastics, and metals when used in conjunction with an LED curing source. Renoir has been in use for over 15 years and is a proven reliable performer used in most applications while Picart has better flow characteristics intended for plastic cards and other materials that hinder ink spread. UV curable inks are the ink of choice when you want to be confident in your rate of production and knowing that virtually all substrates are possible.

Monet and Cezanne are solvent based ink formulations that are designed for general use on a wide variety of porous and coated materials without the need of any post-print dryers. Monet is a reliable performer and can print at high speeds with good print results while Cezanne is based on a fast drying solvent recommended for applications where dry time and adhesion are critical parameters. These inks are generally selected when space constraints exist or the costs associated with curing UV-curable inks is an issue.

Legar and Forain are aqueous inks similar to Monet in their designations for general use but considerably more affordable and able to produce a much higher quality image on porous and some limited coated materials. Forain, in particular, is a specialty ink formulated to enhance barcode legibility arising out of its high carbon content. Although dry times are significantly reduced when used in combination with an IR dryer, for most applications such as at the output of an inserter, air exposure is sufficient.
To guarantee an adequate supply of treated ink for your most demanding print jobs, the Atom printer employs Buskro’s proven TRUEFLOW active ink management system. By actively pumping, filtering, and degassing the ink prior to its introduction into the print module, the Atom delivers reliable, consistent print at top production speeds for extended periods of time by minimizing system downtime arising from jet outs and operator maintenance.
All Atom inks are supplied in self-sealing bottles that conveniently and efficiently mate into the resident onboard ink management system, making the ink change operation clean, simple, and trouble-free.

From Simple to Complex Imaging Applications

Building on the same proven technology found in Buskro’s 2500 and 5100 series printheads and using an onboard RIP for simple image manipulation and handling, the “standard” Atom was intended for single use operation as an affordable choice boasting a lower total cost-of-ownership than cartridge-based thermal inkjet systems. At its core, the standard model offers basic printing functionality suitable for most traditional addressing and simple variable inkjet personalization applications, but with the inclusion of a BUSKRO controller, has room to grow in both software capabilities and print capacity should your needs require it.

For more advanced printing applications when there is a need for greater print capacity, coordinated print between multiple Atom printers (or other BUKSRO print technologies), or when a full suite of layout tools is required to prepare complex images composed of text, graphics, barcodes, and PDF, an “enhanced” Atom model, powered by a BUSKRO BK705 controller is available to leverage the variable data printing capabilities of Compose IQ. For a greater understanding all of the print possibilities afforded by Compose IQ, review its features and capabilities.

Atom Applications

With standard and enhanced controller options available in both body styles and a wide gamut of inks, customers have the freedom to choose an Atom solution to fit their needs and cost considerations.

Customer can order complete, stand-alone Atom solution incorporating BUSKRO feeders, transport systems, LED and IR drying/curing devices, delivery conveyors, and other ancillary products; as an addition to an existing third-party transport requiring high-speed variable data personalization, or as an upgrade to an existing BUSKRO inkjet solution.


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