Card Personalization


The CPS is a fully-integrated, purpose-built solution, designed specifically for the plastic card personalization industry.

Compose IQ, the driving force behind the CPS has been developed over the last 25 years to allow for inkjet print, mag stripe encoding and verification to be housed all in one controller. Compose IQ, the driving force behind the CPS, has been developed over the last 25 plus years. Compose IQ has been engineered with a strict focus on real-time data management and integrity, and allows us to fully and seamlessly integrate all elements of the system. Buskro’s in-house design approach and modular system architecture allows us to offer a fully-featured card personalization system at a very competitive price point.

You can choose from the complete range of Buskro’s inkjet print solutions to configure the system that best suits your needs. Our 2500/5100 series, Atom or Quantum print heads can be configured with solvent or UV curable inks and are available from 65 millimeter (2.55”)  to 324 millimeter (12.75”) print swaths. Buskro also offers a printhead solution for high quality CMYK UV print on a wide variety of substrates including plastics and metal. Buskro also offers both LED and traditional mercury lamp curing options to suit any UV print application.

The Modular Transport System (MTS) is a rugged, purpose-built transport system, specifically engineered for the card personalization market. The flexible, modular design allows us to configure the system in virtually any size to suit your specific application and footprint requirements. The MTS offers a variety of optional components including precision print platforms, curing or drying modules, labelling heads, turnover devices and divert bins. The MTS features a simple, yet sophisticated drive system that makes it easy to expand the system as your requirements change ensuring your investment will continue to pay dividends for many years to come.

Buskro’s Compose IQ software is the driving force behind the CPS. Compose IQ allows us to fully and seamlessly integrate all elements of the system. Compose IQ communicates directly with all aspects of the system through a single PC and software interface. All functions of the line are closely monitored and each product is tracked in real time without data buffering. Compose IQ can interface with a variety of barcode verification and vision products, and can provide an audit of all recorded events, providing full system integrity. Any unverified or waste products are logged and placed in a re-order table and reprints can be performed automatically at the end of a defined batch, or at the end of the production run. User-friendly product layout and diagnostic tools, combined with the ability to save and recall frequently used jobs, help to reduce make-ready time and maximize daily output. Our unique system architecture makes it easy and cost-effective to expand as your needs dictate, by adding additional print capacity, verification options, and other ancillary components.

The CPS is a highly customized solution and can be built to any required length to meet the customers requirements.  Some options available for integration on the CPS are: 

  • Single sided or duplex printing
  • Monochrome or CMYK inkjet printing
  • Mag encoding
  • RFID read write 
  • Label application
  • Registration
  • Divert
  • Tip-on
  • Card to Carrier matching
  • Corona, heat or plasma treatment
  • Print verification


  • High speed magnetic stripe encoding up to 20,000 pph
  • RFID capabilities at Low, High and Ultra-High Frequencies
  • Piezo DOD print technologies available with UV/LED inks
  • Software options for read and print, image verification, PDF processing, matching, and multi-zone printing and encoding
  • Full suite of cameras and barcode readers for efficient real time tracking and verification
  • Turnover unit for multi-side card processing
  • Vacuum transport belts accom-modating pieces from CR80 to A3
  • Scratch-off and label-affixing applications available to further personalize your product
  • Modular transport sections available in 0.5m to 1m lengths, allowing for easy additions and upgrades
  • Ideal for Gift, Loyalty, Health and Transit, Financial Identification and Security Cards

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